Peirce Mill – DC’s Last Existing Mill

Peirce Mill, © Ron Blunt Photography

As you drive south-east on Tilden Street NW (Beach Drive intersection) or hike along Western Ridge Trail, you might have seen two stone buildings on the shore of the Rock Creek. They may look deserted and closed for public, but they are not. Make sure to stop by and dive into the history.

Peirce Mill, © Ron Blunt Photography

Almost 200 years ago, at the time when flour used to be hand-milled at homes, Isaac Peirce used his finest engineering skills and built a watermill. The mill used the flow of water to turn a large waterwheel, which in turn generated enough power to turn heavy millstone to grind corn. This process allowed to produce flour with dramatically less labor. 

When you enter the mill, you will be greeted by a ranger. Make sure to ask the ranger questions about the mill and visit upper levels of the mill. There are four levels and each of them exhibits sophisticated equipment made of wood.

If you wish to see how the mill works, mark your calendar for Peirce Mill Heritage Day on October 14. The waterwheel will be turning from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to showcase how the mill operates.

For more information about Peirce Mill, visit Streets of Washington.

For more pictures, check out the Peirce Mill Gallery below.



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